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Скачать PowerServer (COD2) 0.98b

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PowerServer 0.98b  
F: Fixed a bug causing scoring bonuses to get applied twice in S&D
F: Fixed a bug preventing Axis players from choosing the shotgun

+: Landmines (see config file for all settings) - Thanks to UKUFTaFFyTucK for the model and image!
+: Mortar Fire Effects (deadly and safe versions)
F: Fixed small bug with healthbar scripting
+: Added ability to add Enfields to normal American Weapon menu (without forcing ALL bolt-action rifles)
+: Added ability to put a "Add this server to your favorites" selection on the in-game options menu
F: Fixed a bug that prevented the random map rotation from working correctly if you were also changing gametypes in your sv_maprotation
+: Added Map Voting (shamelessly ripped from AWE)
+: Fixed an STOCK exploit that allowed players to choose weapons from the opposite team's menu
F: Fixed a bug in pain sounds that would not end. Pain sounds should end after a player's health has stayed the same for 7-8 breath

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