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#1 Myaso



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Отправлено 18 June 2007 - 15:10

Доброго дня всем. Мод просто супер, настроить можно практически все, очень рад, что появился новый режим игры CTFB, он просто прекрасно усложняет саму игру. Мне вот что спросить охота а нельзя ли сделать так чтоб флаг можно было оставлять (просто бросить) или передать другому игроку?

#2 kypan



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Отправлено 10 October 2007 - 08:35

А ты можешь выложить этот мод или прислать мне на мыло?
ВОТ МЫЛО kypan@mail.ru

#3 kypan



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Отправлено 15 October 2007 - 14:47

Люди дайте ссылку где можно скачать эту версию. Там где она выложена там ссылка битая. Или киньте на мыло плиз. Век благодарен буду. kypan@mail.ru

#4 kypan



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Отправлено 15 October 2007 - 14:50

Доброго дня всем. Мод просто супер, настроить можно практически все, очень рад, что появился новый режим игры CTFB,  он просто прекрасно усложняет саму игру. Мне вот что спросить охота а нельзя ли сделать так чтоб флаг можно было оставлять (просто бросить) или передать другому игроку?

Если скинешь эту версию мне на мыло я тебе настрою то что тебе надо

#5 †ANGEL†



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Отправлено 16 October 2007 - 15:44

necro_dead@mail.ru буду рад

#6 Member_



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Отправлено 16 October 2007 - 16:33

Где мона взять Extreme любой,хотя RUS 1.5 тож гуд будет! А то из файлов не качает :lol:
Myaso,кинь ссылочку на модик :lol:

#7 kypan



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Отправлено 16 October 2007 - 19:07

Я нашел этот мод ExtremeRUS_1.5 и залил сюда: http://kypan.mylivep..._ExtremeRUS.rar
Качаем и говорим спасибо!

#8 lapd


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  • Pip
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Отправлено 26 February 2008 - 07:34

версия Extreme v2.3 давно уже создана и его все применяют, в том числе я.

Version 2.3 brings you:

Added: ammo crate parachute drop (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Added: message when trying to sprint while carrying the flag.
Added: humiliation sound and message for melee attack.
Added: flamethrowers for axis and allies (incl. obits and stats).
»» Tank can explode when hit. Configure in weaponcontrol.cfg (ex_ft_tank_explode).
Added: Gas and napalm minefields.
»» Warning: on/off setting for minefields changed.
Added: clan logo image code incorporated into mod (miscfeatures.cfg).
Added: american bomber model "Bell Memphis". Courtesy of {PST}Shanesaw
Added: command monitor "set endmap" (incl. stats and map vote).
Added: eXtreme+ RCON tool (modules player, map, weapon and server settings).
Added: all-weapons setting to get ALL weapons on primary and secondary menus.
Added: Call Vote delay (mapcontrol.cfg).
Added: option to disable stock maps for in-game voting system (mapcontrol.cfg).
Added: laserdot exclusion based on clan tag or screenname (playercontrol.cfg).
Added: laserdot monitor revived. Off, Always On, On when ADS, On when not ADS.
»» expanded functionality of ex_laserdot in playercontrol.cfg.
Added: satchel Charges as frag or smoke grenade replacement (incl. obits and stats).
Added: long range sniper rifles build into the mod, incl. scope zoom switching.
»» Now z_lr_rifles.iwd only needs modified iw_sounds2.csv and iw_impacts.csv.
Added: new knife model (SevenSniff). meleeDamage\100.
Added: live player statistics (stats dashboard; see miscfeatures.cfg).
Added: anti-run feature for Sniper/Tactical Servers (playercontrol.cfg).
Added: ambient flares with selectable efx type (ambientfx.cfg).
Added: game type Team King of the Hill (TKOTH).
Added: team auto-assign for non-clan players only.
»» Warning: setting ex_forceauto in playercontrol.cfg changed from on/off to multi!
Added: prevent certain weapons from being dropped (by weapon class).
Added: logprint statements in CTF, HQ and S&D to make external stats programs happy.
Added: disallowed weapons are removed from the map (for maps containing weapons).
Added: option to ignore clan voting for the end-of-game voting system.
»» ex_ignore_clanvoting in mapcontrol.cfg.
Added: melee & headshot bonus points available for all game types, except HM and LMS.
»» for teamkills you can decide to convert bonus points into punishment points.
»» WARNING: reward settings drastically changes in gametypes.cfg.
Added: possibility to remove spawn points not being used by the active game type.
»» miscfeatures.cfg/_ex_entities.gsc; for debugging ”G_Spawn: no free entities”.

Changed: removed some particle effects and all smoke effects from fire nades (lag).
Changed: headpopping and zombie code completely removed.
»» Warning: dead body handling changed (ex_deadbodyfx in playercontrol.cfg).
Changed: napalm bomb effects trimmed.
Changed: special nades (fire and gas) have SharedAmmoCap of 3 now.
»» Limits pickup to a max of 3, like normal frag and smoke nades.
Changed: special nades (fire and gas) have matching fusetime now.
»» Also fixes a bug which enabled you to cook a nade and set a trip at the same time.
Changed: server messages main delay not related to number of messages anymore.
Changed: players don't get stuck in ceilings during warp (command monitor).
Changed: sv_invulnerabletime removed from server.cfg (was COD-UO related).
Changed: airstrikes being called in always drop bombs on target now (bomber only).
Changed: height calculation for planes (ambient and WMD planes/airstrike).
Changed: tripwires can be mixed nades (frag, smoke, fire, gas and satchel charges).
Changed: disabled MP_hit_alert.wav (_damagefeedback.gsc) to remove the annoying static when hitting friendlies with arty and napalm (friendly fire 2/3).
Changed: removed redundant self.pers["conseckill"] from _ex_obituary and _ex_main.
Changed: improved WMD artillery HUD icon.
Changed: redesigned rotating MOTD. It will not spam the log anymore.
Changed: optimized obituary.gsc MeansOfDeath conversion.
Changed: all scr_allow_<weapon> vars can now be combined with game type and/or map (e.g. set scr_allow_knife_mp_toujane "0").
Changed: weapon limiter code is now part of UpdateAllowed loop (removed ex_weaponlimit.gsc).
Changed: PDF Quick Setup Guide no longer digitally signed. All features enabled.

Fixed: you get sprint time after carrying the flag (heavy flag sprint bug).
Fixed: corrected defaults for sprint hud (1) and sprint hud hint (0).
Fixed: script errors by map announcer with player based rotation.
Fixed: game type DOM: incorrect flag change sound reference.
Fixed: surfacefx error on snowy maps (always precaching snow effect now).
Fixed: team balancing messages during statsboard.
Fixed: command monitor "set original" was missing localized strings.
Fixed: command monitor and punishments redone. Also fixed "set team".
Fixed: ambient airplanes/airstrikes not appearing/not dropping bombs.
Fixed: Startammo in sten_mp weaponfile correccted (192).
Fixed: scr_friendlyfire was limited by _ex_varcache to 2. Now set to 3.
Fixed: airstrikes being called in now work properly (skybox and timing problem).
Fixed: napalm airstrikes with friendlyfire 0/2 doesn't cause friendlies to burn until dying.
Fixed: when given team point for healing teammate, the HUD is updated right away.
Fixed: tripwire plant message showed when there was no need to.
Fixed: replenishGrenades from ammocrates doesn't take away nades anymore.
Fixed: laserdot default was black (0.0.0). Should have been red (1.0.0).
Fixed: announce() messages in HTF.
Fixed: obituary for sniper rifles show hitloc and distance again.
Fixed: commented "self thread setServerInfoDvars();" in game type CNQ.
Fixed: sprint code now uses 0.05 loop time again, so the sprint time will not get doubled.
Fixed: all clientside load errors after FS_Startup (except dx7 errors; not mod related).
»» Yes, even eliminated the notorious wm_quickmessage.menu errors.
Fixed: lantern error on some maps (e.g. mp_djerba).
»» Making sure level._effect is created in maps\mp\_load.gsc.
Fixed: URL in mod.str includes "www" now.
Fixed: active weapon could also become weapon on back.
Fixed: fire sound for kar98k_sniper_2_mp and springfield_2_mp (build into mod).
Fixed: statsboard spamming the log when player leaves the game when HUD is cleared.
Fixed: statusicon error when player enters the game during intermission procedures.
Fixed: statsboard efficiency -- suicides were counted twice (already included in deaths).
Fixed: game["draw_flag"] problem in SD and RBCTF.
Fixed: obituary OS aware; no localized string errors anymore.
Fixed: thompson_mp now has clipsize\30 (PDF says 40 -- sorry for that).
Fixed: CTF and CTFB were giving points for killing teammates.

а вот версия v2.4 в разработке запланирована выйти в течение месяца
What's New to 2.4

Fixes / Changes:

Changed: quickcommands.menu now has proper localized string for "9. Defend this position!"
Changed: fall damage minimum/maximum are processing map/game type extensions now.
Changed: end-of-game voting system supports 160 maps now (defaults changed in mapcontrol.cfg).
Changed: page numbering of end-of-game voting system changed to save 15 localized strings.
Changed: removed init of level.drawfriend in _friendicons.gsc. Already set in _ex_gtcommon.gsc.
Changed: scr_allies and scr_axis check removed from _ex_varcache::postmapload (done in GT scripts).
Changed: game["allies"] and game["axis"] check moved from _ex_varcache::postmapload to GT scripts.
Changed: removed splitscreen check from _grenadeindicators code.
Changed: cg_fovScale "0" was invalid (_grenadeindicators.gsc). Set to 1.
Changed: tripwire more flexible. frag/smoke combo's now possible even when holding 2 or more frags.
Changed: moved entities settings from miscfeatures.cfg to mapcontrol.cfg.
Changed: moved laserdot settings from playercontrol.cfg to weaponcontrol.cfg.
Changed: moved LR hitloc settings from healthcontrol.cfg to weaponcontrol.cfg.
Changed: moved minefield settings from miscfeatures.cfg to weaponcontrol.cfg.
Changed: _ex_weapons.gsc overhaul (giveGrenades code includes all special nades now).
Changed: increased defaults for gas and napalm minefields to avoid exploits.

Fixed: scr_allies and scr_axis are processing map/game type extensions now.
Fixed: matched defaults for scr_drawfriend and scr_teambalance in _ex_varcache and _ex_gtcommon.
Fixed: scr_forcerespawn override by death music setting didn't work.
Fixed: default setting for ex_switch_scopezoom in _ex_varcache was wrong.
Fixed: game["draw_flag"] problem is S&D.
Fixed: DRM didn't proces multiple overrides for the same var correctly.
»» an override changed the base var used for subsequent override checks, making it
impossible to override a previous override with a more specific one.
Fixed: tracers caused errors when using ex_entities (no spawnpoints for tracers).
Fixed: weapon limiter for LR rifles. Although restricted, sniper rifles did show on menu.
Fixed: removed double (and invalid) setting for ex_showinjptime.
Fixed: default for ex_showinjptime (was 5 in _ex_varcache, should be 3).
Fixed: in-game RCON didn't show maps when joining spectators right away.
Fixed: able to plant tripwire with two satchel charges when only holding one.
Fixed: sounds for satchel charges (missing sound aliases for cord and throw).
Fixed: doBleedPainSound() in _ex_firenades.gsc caused errors when bleeding was switched off.
Fixed: double nade count in esd, lts, rbcnq, rbctf and sd if special nades were used.
Fixed: no smoke nades when scr_allow_fraggrenades set to "0".
Fixed: ammo sharing between flamethrower and flammenwerfer.
Fixed: flamethrowers stop functioning when weapon limiter limit for FTґs reached.
Fixed: GWEAPON_TT33 reference in gweapon.str (should have been GWEAPON_TT30).
Fixed: credits for satchel charges (xxWhiZZlExx and Mrs).
Fixed: missing last map in end-game map vote screen when map replay was enabled.
Fixed: possibility to call for WMD multiple times by toggling binocs and pressing USE.
Fixed: spawn protection still active after throwing nade.
Fixed: damage adjustment depending on range (_ex_utils::scriptfxradiusdamage).
Fixed: skipping obits for bash and teamkills.
Fixed: added execKey 5 to sniper-only menu.
Fixed: key selection for letters was not working in menus.
Fixed: knife thread didn't end on player's death (adding new thread on every spawn).
Fixed: knife causing damage at great distance. Now limited to 300 units.
Fixed: flamethrower tank explosions did not always occur.
Fixed: errors when players connected during statsboard.


Added: list based modes 4 and 5 for end-of-game voting system.
»» Based on map list _ex_votemaps.gsc; see mapcontrol.cfg, ex_map_vote_mode.
Added: bot/testclient removal. Bots removed when game over.
»» Still limited to 40 bots, but they will not not fill up the server as spectators.
Added: in-game music jukebox with quick message control panel (miscfeatures.cfg).
»» This feature has persistent preference memory (save preference on server).
Added: indoor map feature overrides. One settings to disable outdoor stuff (mapcontrol.cfg).
Added: "Scoped-On" feature, showing enemy's name when targeted while aiming down scope.
Added: xmodel for mustard gas grenades (were using the fire nade xmodels before).
Added: compass background changer (still or slideshow).
Added: map rotation stacker (additional sv_mapRotation strings to overcome the 1024c limit).
Added: enable/disable frags and smokes (or replacements) in RCON weapon settings.
Added: no check for team balancing for the first 60 seconds of a game.
Added: suicide nades (frag and satchel charges only). See weaponcontrol.cfg.
Added: player can assign other key to bind to SR/LR switch scope zoom.
»» This feature has persistent preference memory (save preference on server).
Added: burst-mode for mgґs and smgґs (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Added: one time auto-switcher for LR rifles (weaponcontrol.cfg)
Added: 16 modern weapons mod (optional).

скачать мод вы можете отсюда
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#9 biker45rus



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Отправлено 22 September 2008 - 20:39


Подскажите пожалуйста как реализовать бан игрока по ИП на сервере с модом ExtremeRUS_1.5, качал по ссылке, которая была выше.

Punk Buster выключен.

Заранее спасибо за ответы.

#10 RaMoscow



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Отправлено 15 March 2009 - 14:25

в логе сервера смотришь айпи игрока и банишь его. к самой игре не очень относится, скорее к файрволу сервера.
и панкбастер включи.
Scharfschuetze mit Mauser Karabin 1898 kurz + Zielfernrohr
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Игры PC-XBOX-PS3-PSP-DS с доставкой

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