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Скачать AlterRcon V0.75a V0.75a

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Сразу скажу! Перевод всего даже не пытался осилить.
В двух словах это RCON консоль для расширенного управления сервером Call Of Duty Balck Ops
Так же выкладываю несколько скринов которые во многом смогут ответить на ваши вопросы при первой настройке консоли! Удачи

Alter Rcon 0.75

Version 0.75a
-Now correctly saves the gameservers log URL
-Now saves the size of the log that is retrieved at one time
-Removes the gameservers login, password, and subID fields to stop confusion
-Addresses auto connect issues (should work the same as version 0.74)

Version 0.75
- Chat logs now updated every 10 seconds (previously was 60s).

Version 0.74
- Added new playlists

Version 0.73
- Fixed ban with reason (no reason possible)
- added teamchange option
- some fixes for the new patch that sends more junk than before.

Version 0.72
- Fixed the Extra super long server name bug  
- kick/ban log items will be displayed in the kick log
- extra checks for the K/D log bug. (Delete all files in your "log" folder. If you get new files, let us know.)

Version 0.71
- Update button for the bad words.
- Fixed the headshot count.
- added [rank] in the welcome messages and chat responder.
=> it will display your current rank on the server. (ex: 1/200)
- changed the kick/ban buttons.
You can make a "KickBanReasons.txt" file with 1 reason/line.
They will display when you click the kick button for easy selecting.

Version 0.70
- Kick for helicopters fixed
- Kick for knife and masterkey added
- Kick (for) messages are now displayed in the log => kicks tab
- [name] is now usable in the badwords warning.
- Bad words warnings and kick fixed
- The messages can now be moved up/down using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
- Added extra buttons on the "player logs" tab.
- Added extra fields on the player log tab. (Kill, deaths, headshots and total time online.) => values only show when you use the search buttons. It DOES NOT work with the "connected now" button. (will add this later) [=> forgot to mention: this uses the chat logs!!!! you have to enable chat grabbing!]
Total time online only updates when a player disconnects.

Version 0.69
- Extra fix for the playerlist not updating. (Thx AJToft for sending me your ini's!)

Version 0.68
- possible fix for the playerlist not updating bug.
- Added some protection to stop it from ending the update thread.
(If the 0.67 is working for you, then you don't need to update right now.)

Version 0.67
- Fixed the bug about the welcome messages.
- Added all(?) weapons in the Kick for list.
(if you really want to kick for last stand: kick for M1911 and ASP. Normal use of these weapons will be kicked 2!)
- Added a "string.ini" file. It stores the names of some text values. You can change it for your language. It also stores the warning and kick text for the kickFor feature. More text will be added later.

Also a note: Don't flood your server with messages!
Maybe you think that sending your players lots of messages about rules, clan info, next map/gametype, .... is cool? Well, it's not!
The servers really hate all these messages on a short timespan!
The minimum of 30 sec between messages is there for a reason!
Same for the welcome messages. You can place lots of messages in there, but I would advise that you do not use more than 3! And also leave some time between them. Going under 5 sec is really a bad idea!

Version 0.66
Uplaoded V0.66!
- Fixed the "map limit" on the custom playlist tab
- Fixed/changed the minimize. Option added on the serverConfig tab to minimize to tray + right click menu.
- 24 players in the players tab instead of 18.
- Maybe cyrillic message sending, don't know  
- Extra error message added to find the 0.65 bug. (=> found it! Don't change the "time between messages" on the message tab. :> welcome messages. Leave it at 5 for now.)

Version 0.65
- Added the clan tag in the player list. (chat logs are needed! + There must be some trace in the log that contains the tag! So: he/she must have made 1 kill)
- Fixed the Kick for weapon/perk option. (+ added cobra!)
- Private and Public messages in the welcome messages.
private: just type in a message like you do now.
public: start the message with "p:"
"Welcome on the server" => is a private text.
"p:Welcome [name] on the server" => is a public text.
I also need tester! Read the other topic about it.

Version 0.64
- Changed the way the weapon/perk kick starts.
Didn't start when you set everything to auto. I hope it works now.
Just a quick update, have to go now  

Version 0.63
- Fixed some small bugs again... (Already forgot what it was lol)
- Compiled it as 32bit. (instead of any cpu). It should work on both 32 and 64bit, with the same dll's.
- Fixed the 0 bad words warnings. It will now kick.
- Fixed the double entries in bad words list and chat responder when you disconnect and connect again.
- Added the "player log" tab. (Not everything is working right, it's a work in progress)
- Added the option to kick some weapons or perks on the "chat extra" tab.
Select the things you want to kick for. When it finds some1 using it, it will kick them. (uses the chat logs!!!!!)
More options will come, but it is kinda hard to find and test them all on an empty server....
- Players kills now show on the log tab => chat stuff.

Version 0.62
- Fixed some bugs again
- Length of chat log raised to 1000 items
- Added Kick/ban buttons on the chat log tab
- Minimize 2 tray
- Added a player log system.
=> player info is saved in a db. You can select welcome messages for new players, and for returning players.
=> you can use [visits] to display how many times a player has played on your server. (only for the old players! not on the new player welcome messages....)
=> There is a sql lite browser included in the zip. If you want to get an ip, or something else: use the sql browser to open the .db and view the data.
- use "[usedword]" in the bad words warning system to show the word they used

Version 0.61
- Fixed some bugs
- Added the chat responder.

Version 0.59
- Fixed a bug that caused the "stopped respondig" msg. (bad words punisher)
- Fixed the map changing stuff. Server will no longer be stuck on same map/gametype.

Version V0.57
- fixed some bugs
- added cyrillic chat log support
- Fixed some bugs about custom playlist, have to test what happens when it is at the end of the list (had no time)
- Logs are split into tabs. (easier to see what's happening)
- added extra items to the logs. (like when you get a timeout)
- added system that processes the timeout's (try again)
- Bad words punisher should work. (if there are bad words in the chat log when you first start the program => ppl get a warning / ban for this. I will fix this later.)
- Changed the server config settings. Should send less commands for the server.
- you can now use [name] in the welcome messages. ([name] will be replaced with the players name.)

Version 0.56
- Added a "skip" button for the custom rotation.
- Added "Any map" in the custom playlist creator.
- Custom playlist should work fine now.
- Tested the exclusion list. It works fine (but: Only use 1 client / server!!!!)
- Announce map text is changed.
- Added the change map to the log tab.
- "New game" is added to the chat logs. makes it easy to follow the chat.
- Passwords are now encrypted in the ini (Read below!)
- Added some text vars. If you place one of the following pieces in any chat/text, it will be changed into the current value.
=> [CGT] = current game type
=> [NGT] = Next game type
=> [CM] = current map
=> [NM] = Next map
=> [VERSION] = AlterRcon Version.

Just place the tag somewhere in a text, and it will be changed into the value. (place it with the [] )

** If you are using an old ini: please REMOVE both passwords in the settings.ini!!!!!!!!!
(keys: "pass" and "CHATPASSWORD")
You have to enter them again in the tool and click save again. It will then store it encrypted.

Extra notes:
- When using the custom playlist: Don't let the same map run twice! It will prevent the tool from catching the "next game" and will stop the rotation. I already have an idea about that, so it will be fixed.
- Auto rotation will be more balanced! Didn't have time today, but I will change it!

Version 0.55
- Everything the original rcon tool could do
- Kick players with custom messages (if you like)
- get the chat from the server and log it. (manual "save to file" or auto log)
- Normal playlists (TDM, FFA, HC SAB, BB dem, ...) AND custom playlists. (Fixed rotation or auto generated by the tool)
- Ability to start the map you want.
- Message rotation and Welcome messages for ppl that join your server.
- server info tab (just some Dvars)
- Some server config settings like Teamkill ban time, kick for inactivity, ping kicker, ...
- custom commands.

- Tool is able to run as a service (auto connect, auto start rotation, auto start chat loggin, ...)

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